Nordischer Klang celebrates Åland 100

To mark the 100th anniversary of Åland’s autonomy Nordischer Klang presents a wide range of cultural events from the archipelago.

Concerts and artist talk with artists from Åland
We would like to present outstanding bands who like to convey their respective sound with the predicate “ålandish”.

Birdpeople © Nathalie Olsson

The trio Birdpeople (8.5., 18:00, behind the main building of the university) likes to describe their style as Nordic Kraut Rock, based on the use of psychedelic electronica. The members live in Stockholm, Helsinki and Åland respectively, reflecting different professional and cultural orientations. They have played music together since their youth in Åland, until guitarist Jakob and electroboarder Cecilia decided to study philosophy and mathematics in Stockholm, while drummer Amanda studied philosophy in Helsinki. In addition to a concert, an artist talk (11.5., 14:00, Straze) moderated by students of Swedish is planned. It will focus on their transnational sense of life and how they engage in external narratives about their region of origin. “In the group we share the culture and experiences we have had so far […] – and nature is part of that.” (

Quasimondo © Carina Sommarström

The fusion jazz band Quasimondo (8.5., 18:00, behind the main building of the university) around guitarist Robert Zetterqvist, who is mainly at home in the Swedish jazz scene, plays groovy compositions that combine jazz and funk. “The music creates a twilight zone between surrealism and utmost seriousness in the pursuit of fish & chips and freedom. Quasimondo is an adventure that takes the listener on a hardship through different styles and ideas. Club music is not as it seems to be, but submits to the musical attitude of jazz. Jazz music, on the other hand, returns to its real living environment – the dance scene and the underworld.” (

Whatclub © privat

As part of the final concert evening at cultural center St. Spiritus, we would like to present the band Whatclub (14.5., 18:00). The quartet plays relaxed Gipsy Jazz mixed with Latin rhythms. This band can well represent the feeling of Mediterranean flair when the Åland harbour restaurants offer musical entertainment to their guests in summer.

Panel event in collaboration with Åland Island Peace Institute
From a scientific perspective, a panel event is planned with members of the Ålands fredsinstitut on the political situation and historical upheavals in the archipelago (11.5., 18:00, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg). As the institute is an independent institution for research, education and information on the topics of autonomy, minorities and security policy with Åland as its starting point, it promises to give us valuable insights into their efforts in the “the peaceful development of state and society, peaceful conflict resolution and conflict prevention” (

We have invited two speakers from Ålands fredsinstitut and would like to combine two topics in this panel: Firstly, the aspect of security policy (possibly also with reference to the historical Åland conflict and its resolution under international law.) Secondly, the aspect of minority autonomy/identity/land’s self-image and linguistic:

Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark (Director of the Åland Islands Peace Institute): The Åland Islands Solution at 100 – Insights for a Troubled World (moderated by Dr. Andris Banka from the Chair of International Relations and Regional Studies at the University of Greifswald)

Petra Granholm (Research Coordinator and Head of the Åland Mediation Office): Identity on the Islands of Peace – a story of rights, ownership, and autonomy (moderated by Dr. Yvonne Bindrim (sociolinguist from Finnish Studies at the University of Greifswald)

© Sascha Zachhuber

Photographic Exhibition by Åland-based photographer Sascha Zachhuber
The tourist potential of the Åland Islands is conveyed in Germany as an idyll, such as “Bullerbü in the archipelago” (ARD). This image is also supported by the Finnish side: “Visitors to the Åland Islands will find a pastoral idyll, a charming patchwork of red barns, windmills and villages, fortress ruins, meadows, apple orchards, deciduous forests and rugged coastlines, connected by shuttle ferries, cycle paths and bridges. It’s hard to imagine that the islands could ever have been a potential flashpoint for conflict.” ( We commissioned Åland-based photographer Sascha Zachhuber to capture his own image of the country and its people. Opening of the exhibition 13.5., 15:00, Stadtbibliothek (until 28.9.2022)

Åland 100 at Nordischer Klang is supported by:

International Research Training Group Baltic Peripeties. Narratives of Reformations, Revolutions and Catastrophes at the University of Greifswald

DFG – German Research Foundation

Åland 100 – Ålands’s Department of Education and Culture

Åland Islands Peace Institute

The Finnish Institute in Germany

Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald