Interview mit Jaqee

Hier kommt der zweite Teil der Interviews, die das moritz.magazin mit Gästen des 29. Nordischen Klangs geführt hat!

One of those artists is singer and actress Jaqee. Born in Uganda, she migrated with her family to Sweden as a child and found her way to music. Meanwhile Jaqee lives in Berlin and inspires with her current album “Fly high”. Her music is as dynamic as her life story, ranging from Soul, R&B, Reggae to Dancehall and Afro. On 16 May at 8 pm, you can get a taste of her music on the festival’s Youtube channel. Anticipation is the order of the day! 

moritz.medien: Hey Jaqee! What’s your life like these days? What are you preoccupied with at the moment?

Jaqee: It’s great, I am in Sweden doing a play about Bethlehem, the daughter of imprisoned Eritrean Journalist Dawit Isaak. It’s her story about growing up without her dad.

moritz.medien: Your current album is called “Fly high”. What made you decide to write the song “Miracle”?

Jaqee: ”Miracle” is about hope and believing that everything will work out even when reality around you feels dark and tough.

moritz.medien: Where do your music videos originate?

Jaqee: I have a very visual mind, so already when I am writing the songs, I am usually having the visuals in my head.

moritz.medien: Do you enjoy being on tour?

Jaqee: I love it, because it connects me to my listeners and supporters of my work.

moritz.medien: What do you always carry with you?

Jaqee: A pen and paper.

moritz.medien: When you were 13, you fled from Uganda to Sweden. How did you spend your teenage years in Sweden?

Jaqee: Like any other teenager, I tried to figure myself out, what I like, who I am, what makes me happy.

moritz.medien: Right now, you live in Berlin. What do you think about the city?

Jaqee: Berlin is good. It allows you to discover yourself on a deeper level, it gives you permission to be you.

moritz.medien: What inspires you for your songs?

Jaqee: I say the life I live usually dictates what’s going to come out of me creatively.

moritz.medien: The nicest compliment after a show?

Jaqee: Just seeing people smiling and happy after a gig brings me great satisfaction.

Das Interview wurde von Lena Elsa Droese für das moritz.magazin mm145 geführt.