English 2017

Welcome to the 26th edition of Nordischer Klang in Greifswald, from the 4th to the 14th of May 2017.

The Nordischer Klang festival is a festival with the ambition of giving its audience a unique cultural experience. With music, exhibitions, seminars, films and much more, with artists featured from the five nordic countries and more, the festival aims to reflect and inspire by showing the openness and richness of the Nordic culture.

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Greifswald is located in northern Germany right by the Baltic Sea – to show on a map click here!

Program 2017:

Wednesday, May 3th

20:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 8/5 €
Projekts Kapļi – Alternative Music from Latvia
An event from the Institut für Baltistik
(photograph: Raimonds Kalva)

21:00, Pommersches Landesmuseum,  3,5 €
Movie: The Girl King
An event from Pommersches Landesmuseum
(photograph: NFP Filmverleih)

Thursday, May 4th

16:00, Stadtbibliothek
The Underground-Literature of Latvia – Reading with Oskars Orlovs
An event from the Institut für Baltistik

17:00, Stadtbibliothek
Exhibition opening: Reduction – Icelandphotographes from Gunther Gehler

20:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 12/8 €
Tuuletar Vocal Folk Hop
(photograph: Maria Baranova)

Friday, May 5th

18:00, Theater Vorpommern
Grand Opening
Music: Cennet Jönsson Quartet

19:30, Theater Foyer
Exhibition opening: Photographes from Arne Maasik

20:00, Theater Vorpommern, 26/16 €
Philharmonisches Orchester Greifswald – Swedish concert
Max Bruch: „Schwedische Tänze“ op. 63 – Auswahl
Benjamin Staern: Concert for clarinet, bass clarinet and orchestra „Worried souls“
Soloist: Karin Dornbusch, clarinet
Hugo Alfvén: Schwedische Rhapsodie Nr. 1, op. 19 „Midsommarvaka“
Cennet Jönsson: „Scanian Suite“ for string orchestra and jazzquartet – First performance outside of Sweden
Soloists: Cennet Jönsson, soprano saxophone, Jacob Karlzon, piano, Johannes Lundberg, bass, Lisbeth Diers, percussion

Conductor: Golo Berg

(photographes: Johan Sundell, Olaf Heine, Gorm Valentin, Nanja Pontoppidan)

22:30, Foyer, Theater Vorpommern
Opening final with the Lisa Nybrott Duo


Saturday, May 6th

10:00, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum, 4,5/2,5 €
Caspar David Friedrich and Sweden – Guidiance from Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum to Pommerschen Landesmuseum
An event of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum

13:00, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum, 3,5/2,5 € plus material costs
Open friedric Soapworkshop – „Swedish soap?“ – Short tour through the studio and soapworkshop
An event of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum

15:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus
Exhibition opening: Angelika Mousson – Pictures from the book of  oblivion

16:00, Pommersches Landesmuseum, 5/3 €
Chamber music of the Baltic

20:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 15/10 €
Lisa Nybrott Soul

Sunday, May 7th

16:00, Schloss Griebenow, 12/8 €
Rein Rannap Crossover-Piano

19:00, Aula der Universität, 12/8 €
Krupka Trio Norwegian chants in Jazz

Monday, May 8th

9:00, Institut für Fennistik und Skandinavistik
Informationforum – Comic in the North

17:00, Rathaus
University in the town hall: Germany seen with finnish eyes: 175 years of political travel literature in Finland – lecture by Marko Pantermöller

19:30, Theater Vorpommern, 15/10 €
Monday Night Big Band – New Swedish Jazzsongs
feat. Mimi Terris

(photograph of Mimi Terris: Helene Wilson)

Tuesday, May 9th

9:00 & 10:30, Stadtbibliothek
Reading of a book for young people: Anette Herzog – Pssst!

10:00, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg
Literaturesymposium in the informationforum – Comic in the North

20:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 12/8 €
Edith Tamayo/Lázara Cachao Quartet – Latin Night

Wednesday, May 10th

14:15, Lehrstuhl für Nordische Geschichte
Finland 1917-1918: Independence and civil war- lecture by Dr. Robert Oldach

18:00, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg
Panel discussion – right-wing populism in northern Europe

21:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 12/8 €
q3_collective Nanook of the North
(photograph: Christian Schumacher)

Thursday, May 11th

15:00, Stadtbibliothek
Greenland – picture lecture by Jens Rasmussen

16:00, Stadtbibliothek
The Faroe Islands – picture lecture by Laura Zieseler

18:00, Stadtbibliothek, 5/3 €
Reading – Jóanes Nielsen
(photograph: Katrin Ottarsdóttir, Blue Bird Film)

20:00, Theater Vorpommern, 20/14 €
Kimmo Pohjonen Skin – Alternative Accordeon

Friday, May 12th

10:15, Institut für Fennistik und Skandinavistik
100 years Finland. Home yesterday, today and tomorrow  – lecture by Laura Hirvi

14:00, Neuer Hörsaal Campus Löfflerstraße
Exhibition opening: ProFinlandia

17:00, Galerie ETcetera
Exhibition opening: Landscape – Drawing and Paintings by Ken Denning

18:20, Koeppenhaus
Cantemus-Chor Greifswald – Northern Lights

21:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 15/10 €
Rest in Beats
Echoes in Veil

Saturday, May 13th

11:00, Stadtbibliothek
Rep & Randigt – music programme for children

15:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 5/3 €
Family afternoon:
♦ Nála. a knights tale – Reading for children with Eva þengilsdóttir
and the icelandic ambassador Martin Eyjólfsson
♦ Rep & Randigt – music programme for children

(photgraph of Rep & Randigt: Kristina Wicksell)

20:00, Kulturzentrum St. Spiritus, 17/11 €
Closing ceremoni:
Curly Strings – Folk Pop
Miss Tati – Soul Pop

(photograph of Miss Tati: Helge Brekke)

Sunday, May 14th

11:00, Pommersches Landesmuseum
Exhibition opening: Luther`s North
An event of Pommersches Landesmuseum

17:15, CineStar Greifswald, 6/5 €
Movie: The other side of hope – Director: Aki Kaurismäki (FIN 2017)
An event of the CineStar Greifswald

17:00, St. Jacobi-Kirche
Introduction to the symphony concert by Benjamin Schweitzer

18:00, St. Jacobi-Kirche, 12/8 €
UniSinfonieOrchester – To the North without return ticket
♦ Friedrich Kuhlau: overture to „Elverhøj“
Fredrik (Friedrich) Pacius: Violinconcert fis-moll (German first showing)
Soloist: Mika Seifert
♦ Joseph Martin Kraus: symphony c-moll VB 148 Symphonie funèbre

Monday, May 15th

17:15 & 20:15, CineStar Greifswald, 6/5 €
Movie:  The other side of hope – Director: Aki Kaurismäki (FIN 2017)
An event of the CineStar Greifswald

Monday, May 22th

20:30, Theater Foyer, 4/3,5 €
Movie: Sparrows (Þrestir) – direction: Rúnar Rúnarsson
An event of the Filmclub Casablanca